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Mr. Sanjay Nanda

Crystal Gazing

Mr. Sanjay Nanda , Astrologer[Lal Kitaab specialist] Reiki master and dowsing expert, founder of Nanda Astrokart . With an experience of more than 20 years in astrology having guided thousands of people internationally. Sanjay’s guidance comes to people from a higher perspective with deeper insights gained from the movement of the planets in an individual’s horoscope and crystal gazing also take help of scientific instruments like Lecher antenna.
He plays a crucial support for people who undergo Healing consultations and seeking life directions in times of challenge and turmoil. He remains most preferred counselor to those undergoing stresses in health and relationships. Every living being in this world aspires for a place in which he can live comfortably, enjoy all the luxuries and happiness of this world getting maximum benefits of heavenly boons.


Dr. Shalini Guggnani

Vastu Expert
Energy Healing

Dr. Shalini Guggnani , Delhi based scientific vastu expert,Numerologist and Geo energy consultant and tarot card reader, founder of ‘Holiestic Hands’,The house of complete vastu solutions, believes that thru proper practice with the combination of these sciences, a person can attain spirtual peace , prosperity and progress in various domains of his life. Shalini has been awarded a Doctorate of Philosophy in Vastu from Zorostrian college, Sanjan. A person’s destiny can be enhanced with a harmonious balance of the vastu elements, geo-pathic stress and different energies in his life. With deep interests in human psychology spiritualism, She exclusively works for handling design projects from conception to completion stage for Residential Buildings and Industrial Establishments (Plant and Corporate).
She, is an expert working with scientific instruments like Lecher Antenna and Ultimate Energy Scanner to detect intense energy levels on all sites and person. The expert lays great importance on providing optimal remedies for a clients well being .Her clientele includes various people she has successfully guided and projects handled.

Dr. Amitabh Singh

Spiritual Mento

Dr. Amitabh Singh is the Founder, CEO & Chief Spiritual Mentor of ‘AadyantaLife’. He is a Management Graduate from the University of Chicago and a Doctorate in Behavioral Sciences from the University of Cincinnati, followed by Post-Doctoral studies in Vedic Management from Maharishi Overseas University. He is a Master Pranic Healer, a Grand Master Reiki and a Trained Past Life Regression Therapist. He is an expert in the science of Bio-energetics which encompasses Vaastu & Fengshui sciences. Dr. Amitabh is also a Crystal Healer and works with over 100
different kinds of crystals. Worked in Corporate world for over 15 years, thereafter, dedicated services to the welfare and wellness of fellow beings. Healer-Mentor-Coach for Wellness Sciences and Alternative Medicine. Extensively involved in R&D of Energy Medicine, Complementary Healing Consultations for Stress-Free Mind and Medicine Free Body. Working on Health and Wellness on Holistic Level with CXOs, Senior Corporate Executives, Teachers, and Students.


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