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Mr sanjay nanda is expert in prashna kundli.His technique of predictive astrology involves inter alia, mixing the analysis of the birth chart, the varsh chart and the prashna chart.
He is well known for his remarkably accurate forecasts ,which helps the people in day to day life and taking decisions in time of crisis.He is leading gemologist which helps people to wear their respective birthstones/gemstones according to kundli.He got certificate in lecher antenna from holistic hands,and dowsing from Vastu Arogyam,Pune.He is practicing astrology since 2000 having solved problems of people in many states in India as well as several foreign countries like USA,Canada,UAE,Qatar,Hong Kong,Singapore,etc..Some of the big achievements of Mr Sanjay Nanda is that he has saved many cases of divorce with the help of astrological remedies.People suffering loss in business avail of his services and counsel and follow the remedies recommended according to their birth chart and come out of crisis such as unemployment,business issues,relationship problems,court cases,lack of fortune.

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